DND Dice Rolling Mat and Holder

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Are you tired of having to find your dice rolling off of the table? Are you tired of having to find and carry your dice, mat, and pen everywhere you go leaving your hand full? This is a MUST HAVE for any Dungeons and Dragons or tabletop player. Never again do you need to bring a mat, dice holder, and pen and paper separately! With our high-quality mats, you're able to have everything ready and easy to pull out and play. 

It is an All-in-One dice holder and mat that can hold up to 14 pcs polyhedral dice. (Dice is not included)

The Perfect Gift

This would make a one-of-a-kind gift for any dnd player. Get them something truly special and hard to find with this limited dice carry case and matt. This is a gift that they will think of you every time they sit down to play Dungeons and Dragons.

Easy To Carry

Make your life going simple by having everything you need, rolled into one place. This mat is able to hold nicely into your bag or lightweight enough to hold in hand. There's even a trusty spot for your favorite pen!

  • Extremely high quality and sturdy
  • Zipper to prevent dice from falling out
  • Holds up to 14 pcs polyhedral dice
  • Folded: 10 in. long by 1.57 wide
  • Unfolded: 13.5 in. long by 10 in. wide
  • Deep and rich colors

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